NetBookkeeeping, LLC
15 years experience
Bookkeeping Services
designed to fit your personal and business needs.
Providing a full range of bookkeeping services

Personal and Business Bookkeeping Services

Business: Accounts Receivable, accounts payable, payroll, sales taxes, COGS, inventory, fixed assets, bank reconciliations, balance sheet account reconciliations, budgeting, financial statement preparation for small businesses.

Rates vary depending on the services proviced. A single service may be as little as $15 per month. Full service can run $300 - 500 per month.
Personal: Bank account reconciliation, bill paying, expense monitoring, household budget, net worth statements, personal income tax preparation for any size household.

Rates are based on the service provided. For example; bank reconciliations run from $5 for low activity accounts to $20 for high volume checking accounts.